SIG Boba 🧋🎉

The fun & safe cloud-native party for everyone :)

Tuesday, November 7th
7 - 10pm

Calendar invites: Google .ics

Come hang out! Have some korean fried chicken 🍗 and a bubble tea 🧋
We'll also have french fries 🍟 and macarons 🍪
Food and drink are paid for & there is no alcohol at this event.

We'll have music and board games for everyone in addition to the food.

Bring your partner and/or kids! :)
Just have a conference badge to check your group in.

How to Register

Message us in the CNCF #sig-boba slack channel to register.

The venue fits around 40 people, so the first to arrive will immediately get in.
Check there for space if you are coming later!


This event adopts the CNCF Code of Conduct


This community event is proudly sponsored by the CNCF.